Sick of juggling it all?

Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? 

Wishing … Hoping life could be better?

Is your stuff taking you away from your talents?

It CAN be better. I can help you Simplify Your Life and discover the life you’ve always wanted – or perhaps, something even better than you’ve ever imagined! 

It IS possible!

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  • Create with Carmel LLC

    “I mentioned to Carmel that my eyes were irritating me and booked an appointment with her doctor. Carmel asked me what was in my Fame area. I said a window and a chair. She suggested I put a red (fire) or green (wood, feeds fire) cushion on the chair, which I did. She also asked me if the window was clean, I said it was not. Carmel recommended I clean the window which I did with intent. The next day my eyes were so improved, I cancelled my Dr’s appointment. ”

    Law of Attraction Life-Coach, California.

  • Create with Carmel LLC

    “Carmel is amazing! I followed her instructions, cleaned out my client file drawer to make room for my 3 and 6 month program clients that I wanted to attract, and this morning only 2 days after making room, I have my first client that signed up for my 3 month program!! I am so excited!! Thank you Carmel!”

    Emotion Code Practioner

  • Create with Carmel LLC

    “Carmel Advised to put a crystal where I had a issue with a wall. I put the crystal there and I believe it alerted us to a fire that started in a closet. ”


Yin and Yang

This is the Yin/Yang Symbol. We use this theory of yin and yang in Feng shui to balance the elements in a space. Yin and Yang are two sides of the same coin, one side cannot be, without the other. Some examples are Masculine/Feminine, Dark/Light, Hot/Cold, Soft/Hard, Day/Night. A room can be out of balance if there is too much yang for example, such as an all white room with hard surfaces. Too much yang or too much yin will be too unbalanced for most people. The aim is to make people feel comfortable in an environment so they feel supported to be their best self. 60% yang and 40% yin is a good balance for a living room.


The Five Elements-Cycle of Life.

Wood: Wood Feeds Fire. Represents Springtime, New Growth, New Ideas, Fresh Starts. Trees and Foliage.

Fire: Fires Creates Earth (ashes) High Summer, Socializing, Love, Clarity, The Sun. 

Earth: Earth condenses Minerals to Metal. Late Summer/Early Fall. Enjoying the Sweet Fruits and the Last Days of the Summer. Nourishing, Caring, Family.

Metal: Metal Channels Water. Late Fall. Gathering. Precision, Beauty, Organization. Iron, Copper, Polished Stones.

Water: Water Feeds Wood. Winter, Contemplation, Depth, Hibernation. Ocean and Rivers.